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Lauri Westfall

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Let’s face it: bios are boring.


And they don’t really help figure out if I’m a good fit for you.


So, let’s just do a Q&A to make that easier.


Where are you from?

I grew up in Hawaii, which—if you ignore the surfing—is a lot like New Mexico: the moment-to-moment changes in weather, the gorgeous light and landscape, the relaxed pace, the rich mix of ethnicities and culture… I love all that—plus the sipping chocolate at Kakawa.


What lured you to Santa Fe?

L.A. burnout! After raising my children—two daughters and a yoga/healing studio—in that hectic L.A. culture, I needed to restore. The space and pace of Santa Fe was the perfect antidote. L.A. has a lot of things, but it sure doesn’t have the quality of life we have here. (But don’t tell them…)


What makes you the right person to find or sell our home?

Anyone can sell you a house, but not everyone can find you a home. A home is a harmonic match for who you really are—a place that causes your life to flourish in ways it couldn’t before. I really see you, and I can sense what kind of place will be a true fit. (Wow, that got deep, didn’t it?)


Why real estate?

I think the warning signs were there at a young age. While other kids were watching TV, I was rearranging my room. I saw that when I rearranged my space, I reinvigorated my life. Putting things together in new ways opened up new possibilities and actually changed the quality of my day. From there, it was a slippery slope to becoming an interior designer and now a realtor. I’m obsessed with the life-changing possibilities that the right home brings.


How can your background in interior design help us?

I can walk into a house and see things others can’t: small changes that will make all the difference. A big problem that could lead to insane heating bills. I have a knack for spotting diamonds in the rough and the rough masquerading as diamonds. (Plus, secret spots to find great art.)


You owned a yoga studio. I have tight hamstrings. Can you help?

Oh, yes! I also do ballet, so I’m well aware of aches and pains. Speaking of hobbies, I’m also into cooking, hiking, and bee keeping. (No, really, that’s true.)



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